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We're three dog-owning dudes who live in Embassy Lakes and just love dogs.  

About Us



I've been in a family with dogs my entire life.   We take our dog with us whenever we can on vacation, but I know when we couldn't my folks would worry unless we knew we had someone we could trust.   

You can trust me with your pet.



We've got two dogs in our household, and with one of them still very young, I know how much activity a dog needs each and every day.  That's why you can count on me to make sure I visit your home regularly and give your dogs the exercise they need and deserve.



Our dog is part of our family, and I understand how much you love your pets and can worry when you're away.  We all really love animals, and we'll treat your pet just like it was our pet... with love!


Download our q&a for your pet and fill it out ahead of time to save time... or we'll do it with you at your home.

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